Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Soma Move - 2nd December (David)

Soma Move - Nadia

Tonight I was excited in anticipation of a class I knew next to nothing about other than watching a couple YouTube videos (some may say Team Form Multisport have learnt a lot already from YouTube these last 2 years!!). 

It was the second class of #TFMADVENT and I had arrived early and spent ~20mins on the stationary cycle to burn away some time and warm up. That stiff back from an awesome cycle strength session on Sunday was still keeping me aware of its presence and a good warm up after some earlier myofascial release massage with a cricket ball (!) at home really helped. I sat on the bike watching the main room at Form as people started to arrive and wait eagerly at the door to the workout room. Once again I noticed a wide age range of participants, how fantastic!

I wonder what to expect....

The previous class fed out and we were welcomed warmly by Nadia and started into the program by warming up and going through a whole range of motions and exercises I would never had dreamed of doing myself. After last night's "rookie mistake" I made sure I fitted in and felt more part of the group with no training shoes or socks tonight :)

I lost count of the amount of plank, elephant plank, push ups, lunge, twists, hops, pointing to the ceiling, squats, scorpions (probably all not the right terms!), etc. but I was certainly aware of how much I started to sweat and how much my shoulders were saying, "hang on a minute, what's all this!". Moving from a "downward dog" pushing your nose across the mat and into a push up I saw I'd drawn a straight line across the mat with sweat dripping off my nose pointing me forward. Each time I appeared in view of the wall mirrors I could see my once light grey shirt becoming darker and darker. This was hard work...but really fun! As you can see, there was not much of a dry patch left on my shirt afterwards.

I enjoyed it so much it's hard to describe. Maybe because it was such a surprise not knowing what I was getting myself into. Maybe it was because it was tougher than I imagined. Maybe because I had a smile on my face and my inner self was laughing almost the entire time at how much fun it was and maybe it was because Nadia was motivating everyone the entire time. Whatever the reason was, and there are plenty, it's definitely something I'd recommend you try....oh, and bring plenty of water and a spare shirt to travel home in :)

For someone who has the flexibility of a wooden plank, doing something like this more regularly I could see helping me to become more flexible.
Jon is going to participate in a couple of weeks and I hope he will enjoy it as much as I did.
THANKS Nadia it was AWESOME!!

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