Sunday, December 13, 2015

Spin - 13th December (David)

Spin - Gunnar & c:o

Day 13 of #TFMADVENT, 13th December, Sankta Lucia dag in Sweden, "då i vårt mörka hus, stiger med tända ljus, Sankta Lucia, Spinning with Gunnar!"

After a day of finding Christmas trees, erecting one of them in the garden and spending plenty of unnecessary minutes tracking down various faults in cables, bulbs, etc. it was getting dark and time for a Sunday afternoon SPIN class. Sankta Lucia's Day is celebrated on December 13th mostly in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. It commemorates the life of Sankta Lucia, who is also known as Saint Lucy. It's the beginning of the Christmas season in the countries and is a celebration of light – at the time of year when the world is darker. And a SPIN class makes your life brighter too!
After a quick intro on the day, the darkness and how the length of the days is changing, we cracked into a warm-up which neatly dovetailed into a Christmas inspired musical choice program. As Jon wrote earlier, the class was really well structured with plenty of movement on the bike, sitting, standing and standing tall with loading of resistance on a generally low cadence except for the 'double-time' whirls!  The class was great fun (as usual), plenty of energy in the room and a fabulous way to end with Sankta Lucia entering the room to sing, really sweet with everyone joining in too. My neighbour was on the bike next to me in her first spin class in 15years, Henna, you did excellent! Hope you go back for more!

If you're interested in some Sankta Lucia celebrations, check out the video below....

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