Friday, December 18, 2015

Spin - 18th December (David)

Spin - Mia

Today, on Day 18 of #TFMADVENT was my fourth and final SPIN class of the activity, this time with Mia. Once again, the weather was a particularly dreary grey and rainy affair for December but undeterred, a lunchtime spin could put a sunny face on it!

We commenced with a 6 min warm-up to raise the pulse before working our way into a 3 x 4 min block to simulate climbing with 1 min rest between. At the end of the final 4 mins we shot straight into a 6 set Tabata. If your legs were not burning by the end of the 3rd set of 4 mins, they were after the tabata! We then commenced a shorter set of a similar nature of 3 x 2 min simulated climbs and again directly at the end of the 3rd set we lit up an 8 set tabata. Boom! and drip! drip! drip! went the sweat before spinning the legs out and stretching at the end.

Another fun class for a Friday lunchtime, setting my energy levels up nicely for the final hours of work before the Christmas vacation. 

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