Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spin + Core - 8th December (Jon)

Spin + Core - Christine

A few hours after Sunday's Box with Patrik, I sent a text message to David:
I am already starting to feel sore! I think tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be painful!
To which David replied:
At I least I have the advantage that the most soreness will be on Tuesday. ;-) Good luck!!
This comment proved to be insightful as I was definitely feeling the effects of Sunday in my arms and back today. Fortunately, spin-core was on my schedule this morning and so the major muscle groups that were a bit achy weren't those I'd be challenging at 06.30 AM.

In contrast to last Friday's spin class with Gunnar, Spin-Core with Christine dragged somewhat fewer participants from their warm beds on this dark winter morning, but we were still 18 people, split almost 50/50 gender-wise and representing all ages. (I'm happy that spinning is a gender-neutral activity in Sweden, unlike what I experienced two years ago in the US.) The class started with a relatively long warm up to get the pulse going, followed by 7 high intensity intervals using heavy load on the bikes. These intervals were clearly identifiable on my HRM trace, so they obviously worked as they were supposed to. Christine had chosen a great mix of dance music with beats/rhythms that really matched the goal of each spinning section.

After 30 minutes in the spin room, we transferred directly to the other hall at Form where we worked through a 5 exercise by 2 set series of core exercises, including:

  • two-stage ab crunches (10-15 reps)
  • oblique crossover crunches (10-15 reps/side)
  • lower back curl with bar extensions (10-15 reps)
  • crossover mountain climbers (10-15 reps/side)
  • planks (30 seconds) 
This series alone would make a great quick core workout, but paired on the back end of a spinning class it felt even more effective. In 50 minutes, I went from feeling sluggish and half awake to ready to face the day ahead. As has been said many times, but never fails to be true, "You never regret the workout that you did!"

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