Friday, December 11, 2015

Spin fredags-klubben - 11th December (David)

Spin fredags-klubben - Erik

Day 11 of #TFMADVENT. My 8th class so far and the first of mine which is a SPIN class in the series. This early Friday evening was time for "fredags-klubben' with Erik. What a way to end the week / kick-start the weekend!!!
I haven't attend a SPIN class in ages, in fact I don't think I've been to one this year which upon reflection is rather shocking. In my defense, I've put in more than double the hours and distance out in nature on the mountain bike this year than any other and spent the indoor time either on my TRAX trainer at home (my racing bike actually hasn't seen asphalt this year either!) or following a strength program at Form. So it was with great anticipation I was back in that front room of Form and the first time guided by Erik. We've spoken a lot down at Knivsta CK and tried to ride together for Cykelvasan but I never managed to fit into my schedule to come to one of his classes...well today was THE day.

Erik noted I didn't have a HR band connected to the system so before we started the warm-up I was quickly out the door, registered an account, removed my Suunto belt and strapped on the Polar. Let's do this! Putting my HR details up on the projector was like waiving a red rag at a bull. It doesn't matter what it is, I will find competition with anything and want to be the best, try the hardest, get the most calories burnt, etc...I've actually been banned from playing Monopoly at home for being too competitive! On one memorable occasion playing with my best friend and my brother, my brother left the game as both myself and my friend were far too alike and far too competitive for what should be something fun! ha ha ha. Anyway, I digress. We commenced with a 10 minute warm-up loosening up and slowly rising the pulse before diving into 3 blocks of training. The first block moved us into higher HR zones for periods of time with a 3 min "ALL-IN" finish. The second was a step session with ever lengthening time sections and then decreasing in time sections all with 40 seconds rest in between (20s / 30s / 40s / 50s / 60s / 50s / 40s / 30s /20s).

The grand finale was buddying up with another member to go ALL-IN for 30 seconds then spend the next 30 seconds recovering and motivating your buddy to ALL-IN too for 30 seconds. You each took 7 x 30 second blasts...yeeeeeeehaaaaaa what fun! You can see the 3 distinct blocks and the intervals within those blocks on my HR track. It was so much fun to be back on a spinning bike again after a long year of mountain biking. I'll be back again on Sunday for Gunnar's afternoon class and I have one with Niki puzzled in for the end of next week & hopefully a H I I T session with Anna the week after...bring them on I LOVE IT!

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