Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Spin Interval - 16th December (David)

Spin Interval - Christine

I'm still suffering from DOMS in my arms after Christoffer's Cirkel Puls class on Monday night, so a SPIN Interval class was a perfect choice for this evening's #TFMADVENT activity for me. Whilst Jon was the other side of the gym trying his hand at Soma Move I spent a great hour in the company of about 20 others and Christine. We'd decided to double-up on the classes tonight to run through as many as we actually can before the 24th.
This was to be my #3 from #4 SPIN classes on the agenda, all with different instructors and true to form (no pun intended), each has their niche in terms of warm-up, program and musical choice as an accompaniment. This was my first ever class with Christine also, having attended classes by several others in the past. Music genre I'd describe as happy dance, not mainstream but plenty of remixes and energetic beats.
We started out with a 15min warm-up to raise the pulse and warm the muscles in preparation of 3 structured intervals whilst Christine calmly talked to us in soothing tones...there's no "drill instructor" here :) The intervals were described to us and would entail the following:
  1. 2min low cadence / high resistance x 4 with 1 min rest between
  2. 3min (80% HR), 3min (85% HR), 2min (maxHR)  with no rest between, a 1min rest then repeat the 8min set.
  3. 7 mins of 30s ON at maxHR, 30s OFF 
The final "Grand Finale" interval was the same as in Erik's class last Friday, buddying up with another member to go ALL-IN for 30 seconds then spend the next 30 seconds recovering and motivating your buddy to ALL-IN too for 30 seconds. You each took 7 x 30 second blasts. The energy in the room was electrifying at this point as people are screaming at their buddy to push push push for those agonizing last few seconds of the 30 before setting off on their own mission to blast out 30 seconds at maxHR. 
Unfortunately my HR belt hadn't been syncing correctly with the phone but I could feel by heart beating hard in that last set of intervals so I could draw on a paper how I was feeling!

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