Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yin-Yoga - 3rd December (David)

Yin-Yoga - Anna-Lena

Back again for part III of #TFMADVENT. I was thinking when we puzzled this class into the schedule that this would probably be the more relaxing class of all which we will encounter over these 3 weeks. Yin-yoga, I did some quick research on the Internet (not YouTube this time!) and found the following quote: "Reading about yoga is like reading a menu when you are hungry: interesting, maybe even mouth watering, but until you actually partake of what you are seeing, your need will not be quenched." Well that's OK then, I was hungry and I was about to partake in it so let my need be quenched!
Tonight's music of note was by being greeted by the mellow sounds of this years Swedish Melodifestivalen runner up Jon Henrik Fjällgren "Jag är fri". 
After taking the yoga mat, a blanket and a space on the floor, I looked around the room. This was to be a 'cosy hour' with the mirrors covered by drapes, candles lit and low mood lighting. It was also noticeable tonight that this class was 90% female and maybe a less distributed age spread than that of the first two classes I have attended, CORE & Soma Move.

Onto the Yin-Yoga experience...
I'll set this up by being honest to say I have difficulty in relaxing. Not lying on the sofa watching TV type relaxing, or reading a book type relaxing, but really tuning out, letting go type of relaxing. This was really notable to me throughout the hour. My life is quick, often stressful (generally at work), very enjoyable, but generally it's fast paced with a multitude of things on the go at any one time. Trying to fit in family life, training & work into a crammed schedule is very often a tricky puzzle and takes careful planning and execution. To lie in a room full of strangers with Anna-Lena speaking slowly, purposely and guiding you through the movements and evening was, truth be told, quite an odd experience for me. It was very clear what you were supposed to be doing, but as mentioned in an earlier post, I'm not overly flexible (yet!) and so trying to get myself into a couple of the positions was a challenge. I think the secret really was though, not to get stressed over that but to relax and let the body find it's way there. I got there most of the time but it wasn't pretty viewing!
I've never, since being a small boy been able to sit for a long period of time with crossed legs and at age 43, it's still a challenge and I do still find it uncomfortable. Holding positions for a long period of time, although my mind was racing at the time and saying "hurry up", it felt GREAT afterwards. This was a totally different experience for me and a total contrast to the previous evenings. Speaking with Anna-Lena afterwards it was clear that I should try this multiple times and that each time it will get easier both mentally and physically. I enjoyed the experience, it was interesting and certainly something which surprised me personally in how mentally challenging it was for me. I have a lot to learn to relax...maybe I should start that journey sooner rather than later and with the help of more yin-yoga classes at Form.

THANKS Anna-Lena it was AWESOME!!

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