Sunday, January 10, 2016

A varied training regime over Christmas & New Year

After a fun and varied December with our #TFMADVENT activity, I've kept that healthy momentum rolling throughout the Christmas period and into the New Year.
With what is now becoming a tradition for me on the 25th, I donned the running shoes and headed out to the forest for a "mince pie" run before handling the preparations for the family Christmas Dinner later in the day. It had been a while since I'd been outdoors running, December's activity had taken up all my training time which was all spent indoors. With the weather being +5C, the sun peeking through the clouds and a slight breeze, it was like the Christmas days of my youth spent on the north west coast of England.
I also managed to get out on the mountain bike around the eljusspår for a good frosty and crispy technical ride at the weekend before the snow came later that evening.
More running, trekking & alpine skiing continued between the holidays and it was fun to be back outside again in the crispy, snowy environment. I wanted to carry forward all that energy I was feeling and in FW1 continued to really vary the training with a Muskel class, swimming, some interval & tabata's on the treadmill, an awesome and thoroughly enjoyable BOX class again (was a BONUS class in TFMADVENT), and rounded off the week with a great Fredags Klubben SPIN with Erik. 
I'm continuing to look forward to the weeks ahead and carrying that momentum onward. My goal for Q1 is to spend more time in the gym building strength in the key muscle groups which will be used throughout the year ahead, get outdoors for some long slow runs whilst mixing that up with some speed work (more likely that'll be on the treadmill) AND as I enjoyed many of the classes in December, as time allows I'll be trying to puzzle in some of them alongside family commitments. If I can fit in some time on the bike, whether that be on the indoor trainer, a SPIN class or best of all on the mountain bike then that'll be the icing on the cake :)

It's also worthwhile, taking a look back at some of the fun activities of 2015 with every picture holding a fun story or a great memory. There'll be many more of those during 2016!!
Train fun!

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