Sunday, January 24, 2016

Keeping momentum

As I wrote in my earlier post, I began the year how I ended the last, with a lot of energy and focus...and I'm pleased to say I've carried that momentum forward throughout the month with a wide and varied training plan. 

My goal of Q1 is to spend more time in the gym building strength in key muscle groups whilst mixing that up with slow outdoor running & speed work on the treadmill. I've had the added bonus to throw in a few classes which I enjoyed from the #TFMADVENT activity in December, returning to Patrik's Box, Gunnar's Muskel, Nadia's Soma Move & Erik's Spin

However, Looking back on the month so far and planning out February, I've noticed I need to re-focus a little more on the strength side and get an increased momentum back towards the "Styrketräning för cyklister" program which served me so well in 2015. 
It's been a really fun month trying out some new exercises in the CORE sessions as well as mixing them up with some old ones too...I could certainly feel those the next couple of days after! 

As ever, keeping fit and healthy is based around finding time between family & work life and piecing bits together where you can. Whether it's a 05:45 alarm clock whilst everyone is sleeping, a session after everyone has gone to bed, a lunchtime run or a snatched quick lunchtime walk, they all count. Planning out the week ahead is always a puzzle and this coming week will be no different than any other. Hopefully will fit in at least one early morning session, a lunchtime run, a quick lunch walk, some time in the pool whilst waiting for my son at swimming lesson and finally a couple of days with my boys skiing to round off the week.

To finish off for now, yesterday I managed to complete something I'd been wanting to do for many years but never found the opportunity. I ran on the lake! With my Icebug Anima2 shoes, this enabled me to run with total security of not slipping on the ice. What a lot of fun, I'll probably do it again before the winter is out...just because I can :)   Train FUN !!

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